Visit A Museum With Me :)

Hi guysss, I’m actually trying to be more active so here’s another posttt! Hope you enjoy reading this & don’t forget to comment whilst you’re here xx


If you think about it, museums are so underrated. I feel like everyone finds museums ‘boring’ or ‘childish’ when it’s actually so interesting – but hey that’s my opinion.

So, I went to the Natural History Museum the other day just because I felt like touristin’ and wow what a trip down memory lane lmao!! I remember being so fascinated by nearly everything I saw here, as a child (especially the big dinosaurs haha). I definitely would recommend bringing your children/nieces/nephews here just for the experience and memories! However, going alone would also be extremely peaceful and museums deffo give out that soothing/calming vibe. 

One thing I would say is to pre-book your tickets from before unless you want to wait for a minimum of 30 mins in a LONGGG queue in the freezing cold weather (yeah I was dying lol). 


Just me n my mate being unserious cos why not LOOL. P.S. how cute does she look mA!! Also, this girl takes the best pictures of me so hats off to her for my IG pic on @sanaesthetic 


Anywaysss, I’m cutting this one short because if you really wanted to visit the museum, you would. LMAO why do I sound like a toxic ex please. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been to any museums 🙂 



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