Treated Differently After Weight Loss.

I feel like we all have our own problems, whether they’re small or big to you, they can affect an individual’s mental health SO much. So please, if you’re one of those people comparing which problem of yours is bigger than something they’re going through now, fix up. This post is dedicated to @desibaguette who inspired me to talk about how body shaming has become so normal in contemporary society.

You guys must be thinking why am I talking about this when I’m not even going through such issues – well, that’s because I already have. I used to be overweight years ago and my self esteem was incredibly low, I’d be too shy to even say hi to someone sitting besides me in school, finding it difficult to keep a conversation flowing for more than a minute, saying ‘I’m not sure’ when really I know what to say to teachers questions so that everyone stops staring at me – it’s just an awful experience that NO ONE should go through. I cannot believe I’m writing about this when all my life I’ve avoided speaking out about my insecurities. But you know what, they make me who I am today (ok enough with the cringe phrases sana).

Continuing on, I lost a lot of weight through exercising and just keeping myself busy all the time. I didn’t notice back then but I did start gaining a lot of confidence in myself (way more than what I have right now) and loads of people recognised this and wanted to get to know me more, don’t get me wrong this did feel good but now that I think about it, were people just talking to me because I’m ‘skinny and popular’ and fitted into what society idolises the most? Because that is not cool. I can also proudly say that I’ve never been the type to ignore someone whilst they’re speaking or completely act ignorant; I’ve always apologised even if I thought it wasn’t my fault which is a good and bad thing I guess lol. 

It’s normal to want to fit in with everyone else, but if you truly think someone is being shamed for their body weight or being treated differently because they’ve lost weight – bring it up and talk about what exactly is bothering you or else you will regret it in the future. Whether you’re size 6 or size 20, we’re all the same at heart. Don’t let stupid idiots tell you what to do to ‘lose’ weight or tell you how to dress. It is YOUR body, own it and flaunt it girls. 

As of now, I have gained some weight in the past two years and it’s bound to fluctuate because of our ages and lifestyles, but what I have realised is that it’s totally fine to have some chubbiness because its cute LOOL. No but on a real note, if you keep feeding your mindset on negative situations and attitudes of yourself, then how can you expect good change? Go wear that maxi/mini dress or jumpsuit you’ve been eyeing up for ages. Go live your best life. If you don’t love yourself then how can you expect others to fall in love with you? Yes, many people will get in the way and try hurting you, but you have to learn to discipline yourself and separate from those that cause you pain. 

This is my first blog in quite a while so I really hope you gained some confidence and inspiration from this little piece of wisdom from me and my eighteen long years of existence haha 

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6 thoughts on “Treated Differently After Weight Loss.”

  1. i know we haven’t known each other very long but i’m proud of you. i am just so genuinely proud of you. speaking up more about stuff like this should be normalised and self love is key, your most definitely right on that! we all should be able to feel confident no matter what our weight is. it shouldn’t define us in the end and it certainly does not define you, love you!

  2. your burger is on its way?

    this is so true and alhamdullillah youu got passed it, youu got this Sanaaaa!

  3. This is amazing!! i can totally relate with you about how much i got more confident after losing an incredible amount of weight and how i gained so many more friends!! This blog post honestly really just made my day!

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