My Visit To The Ivy Chelsea Garden!

Well, if it isn’t the girl that promised to post regularly but disappeared into space… again! If I’m being honest, I needed this break because I’d rather have zero content than posting absolute rubbish every day.

Just a disclaimer before I start: all my reviews are MY personal opinions, just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean that everyone else won’t, so please do some further research if you’re looking for the best restaurant to visit.

The Ivy Chelsea Garden was pretty average overall if we’re being completely honest. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either! I feel like TikTok/Instagram hypes some places up a bit TOO much because when you actually visit those ‘aesthetic’ places, the food doesn’t really taste as nice as you would expect it to or even have the slightest bit of a WOW factor. 

IMG-9635 (1)

I mean heyyy their disappointing food didn’t stop me from getting my cute pics whilst I travelled all the way there loool. 

So, I actually ordered their fish and chips which came with mashed peas which was around £15. Their portion size was pretty decent as it was really big and I couldn’t finish it of course lol. However, the taste of the food was just bland and pretty disappointing if I’m honest. Like even I could make better fish and chips and that’s coming from someone that barely cooks. 

That being said, the vibes and atmosphere was so chill and welcoming! And the customer service was brill too. Plus, it could just be that the kitchen was having a bad day – although I’ve heard some mixed reviews of this place ever since I’ve been. Additionally, if you’re travelling from more than an hour away – it really isn’t worth it, in my opinion. Overall, I would give this place a 3/5.