Let’s re-examine Our Judgements.

Right so I don’t want to put nazar on myself but I’ve been posting consistently for three days in a row now so can I get a round of applause please?! I’m not even going to lie I’m sick of posting the same old blog posts so I’ve decided to raise some awareness on important topics (which will be up soon). This blog post will be in reference to Islam so if you’re not Muslim I’d think of it as a good way of widening your knowledge 🙂

Let’s get to the point now, what do I mean by ‘re-examining our judgements’ ? Well, many of us (including me sometimes even when I try not to) may judge someone because of something they do. But what we don’t realise is that it should NOT be any of our business. If someone doesn’t wear a hijab for example, she’ll be considered as a person that doesn’t pray when that’s not true at all!! I know many people that don’t wear the hijab but are equally as Islamic as hijabis. However this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to become hijabis because that should be the ultimate goal for us, after all we do need to dress modest for the sake of Allah SWT. But what we CANNOT do is to be forced into it and by that I mean family & relatives constantly taunting you to wear it for the wrong reasons (if you’re Asian you’ll know what I’m on about lmao). It’s wrong to get religion and culture mixed. Periodt. 

Don't speak unless you have something good to say.

I know this post is quite hypocrital of me to say but at least I’m trying to change for the better!! This quote advocates that Allah will deal with those people that have done immoral things to you, so you should just leave it up to God and work on cleansing your own soul for we have sinned too, many times – and we tend to make up reasons to explain for our sins which is SO wrong! We should start owning up to our sins and correcting them and praying for ourselves instead of feeling sorry for whatever it is that we’ve done. 

Say you’ve been placed at the centre of an argument and you literally just want to scream – don’t. You’re better than that. Let those people say whatever it is that they want to say to you, and walk away. It may make you look like an ‘idiot’ but in the hereafter you WILL  be rewarded for it. I’d rather not say hurtful words than to regret it after a while. We’re just teenagers, we are feisty so arguments can be very extreme sometimes. But you can’t just spit words at someone. 

I don’t think many of you realise this but words are SO damn powerful. They can either break your heart or fix it, they can destroy your dreams or help accomplish them. They can even be the gateway between hell and heaven. BUT as long as you use your words wisely: you shouldn’t regret anything you say! Okay though, seriously speaking I feel too cool for creating all those analogies in my smol brain LOOOOOL. But you get my point right? All I’m saying is: if you’re a religious believer then you shouldn’t care about wanting revenge or even karma. For that person may be better than you in other ways.  

Let's have a deeper look into some examples...

  • That brother that you smelt weed from, or even saw do drugs or drink alcohol – may have needed your advice and guidance. Maybe Allah was trying to see if you’d help but instead you’ve judged that person and placed them in a negative bubble of yours. You may have believed that he doesn’t care about religion and perfecting it – when that is not true; people use these things as a defense mechanism for pain and heart break even. But this is where YOU come in with a non-judgemental viewpoint. 
  • That person that gave you the ‘dirts’ or was ‘rude’ may have hurt your ego. But do you not think that they may be going through social anxiety or other mental health problems for them to react in this manner. Some people may not be comfortable talking as loud as others, they may prefer remaining in smaller circles because they’d rather be heard in that group instead of being ignored most of the time. Often, we’d think that that person is ‘prestige’ when that is not true at all. It is just part of their nature and we cannot backbite about it – for it is rude
  • There will be someone that dislikes you because you listen to music and islamically I know that it’s not right. I can draw on my own example for this. That sister that told me I’m worthless, a liar, a clout chaser – maybe didn’t know that at that exact time my mum was on the verge of life and death and maybe my social media was just an excuse to keep me sane from all the drama in my life? I think we all need to just stop and re-evaluate our own lives before we start commenting on others. It isn’t fair because you NEVER know the entire situation. You only believe the truth that you think is true!! And we may have different truths but that’s a whole other situation lol. 

(I have no rights to this source – it is from myislam.org) This is quite important to read because many of us tend to forget some of these principles.

Are you just existing in life or are you living? Do you have a purpose in life and do you remember God? If so, how much time did you spend worshipping God? Instead of focusing SO MUCH on wordly affairs; focus on your relationship with Allah SWT. 

If God has blessed you with many years then what did you do during your teenage years? You will be judged on every single thing; good and bad. So if you’re still young please do educate yourself because I most certainly learn new things about Islam every day! 

Now the third one relates to my previous post. If you’ve spent your wealth on silly things like buying followers and likes to get to the top instead of splitting your money wisely by giving a percentage to charity – what are you doingggg?! There have been many contemporary examples that show that Sadaqa Jariyah (charity) has helped them/ their family in some sort of way – e.g. when they are faced with a calamity. 

Guys I’ve received so many lovely compliments on my writing and I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you. Someone even told me that I should write my own book (like relax I’m not that good LOL). I used to rely on the people next to me to help perfect my blog but you know what? I’m tired of trying to be perfect. I am human lol and you get the gist of what I’m trying to say because it really isn’t rocket science haha

Thank you for reading if you made it here! I see you and I love you :)) 



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  3. This is such a powerful message! Unfortunately we all tend to pass judgements on others even unintentionally so I hope this blog helps myself and many others to become more vary of our actions.

    Keep the good work up. Love your writing, so interesting and engaging!!

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