How To Deal With Toxic People in 2021

This quote hit harddd lmao. Today’s post is probably the most beneficial for those going through a very difficult time with their mental health. And this is just your daily reminder that you are NOT alone, there are people that care for you and love you, so never ever think that no one cares!!! And if you are comfortable with sharing your issues with me, I am more than happy to help: my dms are always open! This post is in relation to mental health so if you for any reason feel suicidal and hopeless,  PLEASE call 116 123 as help is ALWAYS available no matter how bad your situation is! Or even call your closest friend/family member and tell them because you’d rather be safe than sorry.

What are some of the signs of a 'toxic' person?

Not going to lie, I feel wrong in labelling a person as ‘toxic’ in the sense that I’m almost judging someone’s actions but it is the only word that comes to mind when describing  horrible individuals lol. And maybe it is a test that God sends your way to see what and how you would react to them, you get me? I also understand the fact that every human being was created in the most beautiful manner by God and we have so much to be grateful for so although we may label this individual as toxic, in the eyes of God that will be wrong.

Some people find so much pleasure in emotionally or physically torturing someone and I just find that so immoral. They might manipulate you into thinking you are always the wrong one or that your opinions are always irrelevant. They may even be sly about it and make “jokes” that offend you – now you tell me, do you really want to be with this person that totally ignores your existence OR be your own company and mentally stable? Well I’ll leave that decision up to you.  

I’m just going to bullet point a number of signs of a ‘toxic’ person:

  • You feel exhausted or low after speaking with them, always feel like you’re the only one trying. 
  • They may intimidate you to listen to them by talking and bragging ALL the damn time. 
  • You can sense jealousy each time you tell them good news about yourself. 
  • Every time you try to give your side to a point, they get defensive. 

Approaching Toxic People When You CANT Block Them!

Let’s just start by agreeing that literally anyone; from your family to friends to romantic relationships may lead to a VERY destructive life for you depending on how they portray themselves. It may impact you in the way that you think you have no value or purpose in life, or that your anxiety is getting worse and you fear opening up to others or you may even have a low self esteem. NO ONE should ever feel that way no matter what they’ve done. 

Firstly, it’s easy to say but be very bold and direct with what they’ve done and how that made you feel & tell them. They might not even notice it themselves so by confronting the individual at least it gives a sense of direction with what is going to happen next, instead of just being awkward and weird around them which I totally get is hard. You can’t change their view either. This took me a while to learn because I’m very stubborn and I just want people to understand ME but we can’t have everything. If they start ignoring your messages or simply giving you off vibes then start distancing yourself from them because you DO NOT need that energy in 2021. This leads to my final point: limit the time you spend with that individual, it’ll make you feel in peace with yourself and gives you the chance to think about who the important people are in your life. Periodtttt. 

Forgive & Forget.

I know for a fact that some people forever hold grudges, take my life for example (lol); there have been many people that have left me & no matter how good i’ve been to them, I always hear rubbish being spoken about me!!! It’s just funny now because I’m at peace with MYSELF, whereas people are out here begging for some attention and drama. I now KNOW that all of the things I went through was for the best, I would have never completed this blog if it wasn’t for ME, I would’ve never stop asking people for help if I was in those same groups of friends because it just makes you so dependent guys. Yes i’ve forgiven all of them, yes it’s calm from MY side but I know I’m always going to be the topic for discussion so, in the end: that’s their choice and i’ll give them that lmao. 

Piece of advice from me would be to have one reliable friend that you could go to FOR ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING and, never feel like you owe anything to anyone because you really don’t. That being said, it might take you one day or one year to get over whatever relationship it is that you’ve left, but trust me guys God has planned something WAY better for you: if not in this life, in the hereafter. 


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  4. So happy for you, for realising your worth. I think a lot of us needed to hear this. We all need to cancel toxic / bad vibes out in 2021, we don’t need them putting us down!!

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