My Visit At Fait Maison


So, where do I begin? You could literally spot this restaurant from a mile away and BOY pictures don’t do it any justice. There is also outside space available on the pavement with pretty tables and chairs of two. The floral background and the new refurb are just amazing! If I had my own salon de, then it would look exactly like this one! You guys should surely check this place out; the atmosphere is so chill and full of pink – who doesn’t love pink please? The place itself was so relaxing, I couldn’t recommend it more!


Let’s talk food! I ordered their red velvet cake (£6.20) and their strawberry sunshine (£5.20) and overall I feel like it was quite average and a bit pricey for what I was served. And the service charge was pretty expensive for what I usually pay. So I would give their food a 4/5.

But the smoothie tasted really good, so maybe if I tried something else it would have made my decision on how I like the food a bit easier.

Their dishes were inspired from Palestine, the Middle East and the Mediterranean which I could tell from their menu. Other than that, this spot is super classy, cute and girly so you should definitely pay a visit with your girl friends! I’d give the atmosphere a 5/5 because you literally feel princess vibes in this salon de! 


I also LOVED their customer service! All of them were so friendly and straight to the point, which is what I look for when going to places to eat – simply because of me being socially awkward lol.

They also made sure we were alright throughout us being there which was really sweet! However, as I mentioned before, their service charge was too pricey.

Nonetheless, I truly had an amazing experience with them and would definitely go again to try more things!  


My camera doesn’t do the place any justice! The interior was so elegant and PINK! Their chandeliers caught my eye as soon as I went in too. It’s always the small details that catch my attention. I mean come on, getting lost 10 times was worth it because this place was so pretty. 

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IMG-0728 (1)

Don’t mind me giggling away – if you want to know why it’s because the street was so busy and everyone was staring LOL. Us bloggers don’t actually have a ‘perfect’ experience in taking pictures outside!

Have I mentioned that they have AWESOME pink decor? Because I am still not over how gorgeous the place is! I went for a quick taste of their cake and smoothie, so I will surely go again for something else!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and do give this place a try! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @sanaesthetic.