Are all In Laws the Same?

Disclaimer: your girl ain’t married yet, nor does she intend to do so at this very stage. Like I can barely look after myself, forget a whole other responsibility LMAO. However, I do love a good old debate about controversial topics like this (yes I consider this to be controversial lol). You guys might be like what does she know about marriage, she ain’t even married herself – but boii do I get all the tea from married people LOOL, so I guess I’ve picked up on a thing or two.

I also apologise for being so inactive, once again, I’m literally hanging by a thread. Oh and… get your garam cha ready and enjoy reading my blog post 🙂 

I just want to start off by saying that there has always been a barrier towards daughter-in-laws & MILs in the Asian community for some odd reason. It may be due to all the dramas our mums have been watching, or the culture in itself. It’s just not on, girls are taught to cook, clean, tidy the house all for a man and not for themselves, which is just so wrong on so many levels. I also feel as though in some families, daughter in laws almost get treated as slaves instead of an addition to their family. Hence, we’re taught to cook or ‘no ones going to marry you’ or ‘when you go to your in laws, then you’ll understand’. I understand learning it for myself; as a life skill, but telling me I have to learn all that for someone else is just going to put me off. 

This is probably because of all the HUGE expectations they have about how their daughter in laws need to be able to nurture their families as if they’re kids themselves – it just boils my blood when I hear someone just accept this and let it be. If you were able to do all those duties before, why do you all of a sudden just dash it all on to her? There’s a difference between sharing some duties and just making her do everything. Make it make sense. It literally infuriates me how in the Asian culture, DIL’s have so much to keep up to – if they were to make a small mistake they would hear it constantly in sarcastic comments that are thrown at their face. That is probably just because they were taught to be like that from their generation, however that shouldn’t be a valid reason to just humiliate someone that’s left her family to be with their in laws! 

However that being said, it’s not all bad. Generally speaking, South Asian dramas are to blame in putting this ‘barrier’ up towards in laws and how harsh they treat their DILs awfully as if they weren’t their own. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen at all, but it very rarely does especially in the day and age that we’re living in. Plus, I feel like the older generation, A.K.A our parents have become way more accepting because they know that we aren’t going to take any more BS from anyone lol. 

So, what do you guys think – are all in laws the same? 

Anyways, my henna always comes out dark so my MIL clearly loves me (IYKYK). And I hope I didn’t go on & on for too long even though all my posts turn into a rant. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this ahaha! 



4 thoughts on “Are all In Laws the Same?”

  1. I completely agree with you, as it is there’s so much responsibility for the wife to fit in to a new home, so having someone that actually puts in effort to keep you content/ or even just communicating as to what’s wrong, is SO important!

  2. True.. to an extent I believe that it’s also the husbands role in keeping his wife and mother happy, that being said if the DIL feels like her MIL isn’t treating her right or being ‘pushed around’ it should be spoken about privately with their spouse. If the man can’t open his eyes and make a just opinion on the situation then he isn’t mature enough or is too ‘mummyfied’. What’s your opinion on the take?

  3. Enjoyed reading this post! For an unmarried girl you’ve got it spot on ?❤️❤️

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